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The business world has changed. Have you?

Pivoting business for a new era

The rate of change in the world today presents more risk than ever before. Yet, most organisations are asleep at the wheel. Many use outdated strategies that result in very public missteps, erosion of soft power, and disgruntled stakeholders the world over. Fulcrum Strategic Advisors is Asia’s only risk management firm addressing the most critical areas of change: shifts in geopolitics; the need for sustainability; and the strategic communications underpinning reputation.

Strategic Communications  Global Policy Sustainability Strategy & Reporting

 Risk  B2B Marketing ESG & Materiality  

Personal Branding  Stakeholder Engagement  

We develop strategies that help established and challenger brands, governments, and individuals capitalize on these seismic shifts.

Too often, consulting firms have a narrow view when approaching their work. At Fulcrum, we take a holistic approach to the strategies we develop. Underpinning this is a deep understanding of stakeholder needs, the evolution of current affairs, and future areas of risk. This approach has resulted in an enviable portfolio of successful strategies for public- and private-sector organizations around the world. 

We also live and work in Asia, the most dynamic market on Earth. Our intimacy with places as varied as Australia, China, India, Thailand, and Vietnam contributes to work that takes account of where growth is happening most. We're also attuned to the changes in established western markets and the interplay that exists. All of this contributes to forward-looking strategies that focus less on what was and more on what is to come. 

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