PR for PR Pros

The Real Issue

When it comes to getting the word out for their clients, public relations firms do amazing things. Creativity sometimes stops, counterintuitively, when these same firms have to market themselves. 


One of the most interesting things we’ve found out in our many strategic communication’s conversations and engagements has to do with those towards the top of the industry food chain: public relations firms. One would assume, given their expertise (and rates!), PR firms would be the masters of strategic communications. While this is true in the creative, boundary-breaking work they often do for clients, building their own strong b2b capabilities is often lacking. 


Recognizing this paradox, a mid-sized public relations firm approached Fulcrum to collaborate on identifying areas for improvement and creating streamlined processes for ongoing success. 


As we do with most engagements, Fulcrum started by picking the brains of internal and external stakeholders. We wanted to understand the bottlenecks in the firm’s b2b marketing approaches, the team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as white-space opportunities for positioning. Oddly enough, the firm’s recent expansion, growth, and success in attracting clients had inversely led to weaker outbound marketing. People had been so caught up in delivering work, they weren’t able to focus on building new business (sound familiar?). 

Our Solution

Give them a kiss!  


That’s right. We laid a big wet one right on them, reminding the firm to Keep It Simple Stupid. 


For this firm, b2b marketing had become burdensome. It was a chore team members chose to ignore than deal with. Fulcrum’s solution was to streamline and operationalize to make marketing simple, efficient, and executable for everyone.


Working collaboratively, Fulcrum helped the firm create an entirely new set of streamlined collateral, including credentials, case studies, and templates. We also worked to add data and technology into their b2b segmenting, marketing, and proposal approaches. 


Overall, this has led to a growth in the firm’s sales pipeline and an increased public presence for the brand.